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The Wor(C)k

The Wor(C)k Defined

Wor(C)k is black and white. It's dull, it's repetitive, it's painful. It's blood, it's sweat, and it's tears. It's rainy and it's gloomy. Many days it just plain old sucks. It's growth, it's progress: not by leaps and bounds but inch by inch and pound by pound. It's 110% dedication at all times; 24/7, 365. It's focus. It's a lifestyle; it's not a hobby. It's waking up when it's pitch black out to cook for the day; it's going to sleep when it's still light out to rest your body. It's sacrifice. It's hardcore. It's an all or nothing mentality; and if any part of this scares you, than you're not ready for the Wor(C)k.